daisy mae (dazismazi) wrote in craft_ideas,
daisy mae

With all my time off, i hauled out my craft magazines and was reading them far into the night. I have tons of things in the works now, but one i started today (and ran out of cord) is styro balls covered with cord. I used 2.5 inch balls and it takes 4 yards for thin cord and about 2 plus for the larger cord. Also i ended up having to use trim because the cord selection was limited in colors. Using trim is hard because the ends fray. I kept a bit of tape and glued the ends carefully down (using hot glue) and then wound around the top carefully, just a bit of glue and then held it down for awhile.

ps- i dont know why these images are so huge on photobucket. i'm trying to figre out why!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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