daisy mae (dazismazi) wrote in craft_ideas,
daisy mae

birthday lampshade

I know this seems like a strange gift, but after making my friend a scarf for Christmas and all sorts of other goodies through the years, i was out of ideas. I had a plan to glue on fabric in the shape of her initials and then add some sort of trim. This had to be modified as none of the lamps at Good Will were decent and then didn't have any lampshades. At Hobby Lobby, they only sell lampshades that had adhesive on them, so i went for it. I might suggest the round ones being much easier. However i wanted the square and paid the price later. I selected a shimmering red with purple highlights for the fabric and the lovely bobbles with beads for the trim. Now getting the fabric on is really the easy part. Gluing the ends underneath is not. I ended up pushing the fabric to the glue with an eraser after two nasty burns to my fingers. I must say, the end result is lovely and once again i wish for a digital camera so i could share it with you.
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