daisy mae (dazismazi) wrote in craft_ideas,
daisy mae

*gasps* this community still lives?

it's Christmas and i'm so pleased with my craftiness that i have to share. Wal-mart is a life-saver. I found the CUTEST mugs for $2.50, then filled them with a bulk mix of nuts in the shell and added in packets of tea. I thought of adding tea and once i got to the tea aisle and grabbed a bunch i HAD to have for myself, i had to come up with a way to add just a few bags to each mug. So i got out some colored saranwrap, made up little labels with craft scissors, holiday craft paper and a tree punch, then pulled out a couple of each kind of teas, tied the bundle up with ribbon and viola! gifts for them and ME! heh It really is a good idea to buy a variety of things and then add some of each to different gifts. it takes a bit more work to package them, but it's much homeier (is that a word?) than picking up a pre-made gift basket. Which btw is an excellent way to find a variety of things to pull out and repackage.
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