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Christmas gifts for boyfriend...

Photos Of Christmas Gifts
(Made seperate posts for each person Im giving to, to prevent freezing up peoples comps)

For My Boyfriend
Im not sure if everything will work out in the end or not...but originally it was planned that my boyfriend would be coming down around the holidays, so I made a few things...(didn't have a chance to take photos of everything, for some projects are still not completed)

Microwavable bags with a black/orange checkered slip covering it...

A blank photo frame I podge layers of tissue paper onto, splattered black paint onto it...then created tissue papered hearts to place in the corners and twirled wires around them...

I wanted to have a cute, yet corny lil gift to give to him as well...Im pretty sure I've managed to capture that affect here...
I found a drawer type box and painted it black...covering the top with white feathers as well as lined the inside of the drawers with them...(not sure what to decorate the sides with)

The top drawer contains two items...a key and a ring with hearts carved into it...
The key represents the "key to my heart"...and the ring is more symbolic, I've always worn that for hope of finding my true love...
The bottom drawer contains a candle...and Im searching for a matchbook that would seem more suitable then a lighter...(inside story there)

I also began to remake a boring old scrapbook I had bought awhile ago..saving it for something...
The front cover is made out of real material, sewen together and glued on to create a more patch quilt effect...Then during the the visit, I plan on writing everything we do, include photos, as well as mementos...

When the visit is over...its always hard to send them off on their way...so I was thinking of creating a little cary on bag for the plane...
Include letters, jokes, old emails, old stories, and a few games in envelops...opening each envelope will keep them occupied (yes, I know its a pain, for it will be hard to dispose of the garbage...but its still fun)
Include his fav candies...a juice box...etc etc....
A special letter telling him how much I love him....

And I made some record bowls to give as well and plan to fill them with goodies...Once again all homemade...(will post photos when they're all done up)
-Belgium chocolate dipped pretzels
-Chocolate spoons covered in crushed candy cane
-Shortbread cookies
-Sugar cookies
-Jam tarty thingies (not sure what they're called)
And a few little pieces of candies and candy canes....
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Awesome ideas all!
aww thanks hun ;)
What is inside the microwavable pillows with covers? And how did you form the record into a bowl?

This may be obvious to some but I'm completely at a loss.

His ~angel~
Some people used flax seeds...but I didn't have any on hand...so I used rice (not minute rice though)...and make sure you have a thick material...cotton tends to burn the rice very, very easily...or you could always double up the cotton and have a few layers....

Try www.cratster.net for better instructions and great tips ;)

For the record...I just took it out of the oven and cut it to the paper part creating flaps...then when I took I overlayed them on top of one another...you may have to keep on trying to get a decent shape
I tried the link and it hasn't been coming up for me.

His ~angel~